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Brazil President Temer to call US President Trump over steel tariffs

Warns of potential legal action through the World Trade Organisation (WTO) after tariffs laid by Washington on steel and aluminium. Brazilian leader's approach echoes that of Argentina's

Thursday 15 March, 2018
Brazilian President Michel Temer looks at a mobile phone, at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia.
Brazilian President Michel Temer looks at a mobile phone, at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia. Foto:AFP

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Brazilian President Michel Temer says he intends to call US President Donald Trump to complain about plans for US tariffs on imports of foreign steel and aluminum – and has warned he may launch potential action at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

"Very soon I will call President Trump, including to check the suggestions that he appreciates receiving calls from countries that are facing this quite big increase in tariffs," Temer said at a regional economic forum in São Paulo.

Temer warned that if "there is no friendly solution very quickly, we will go to the WTO – not unilaterally but with all the countries affected by this measure," he said, referring to the World Trade Organization.

Temer said Brazil was "very worried."

Brazil is the second biggest steel exporter to the United States after Canada – and would be hit hard by Trump's imposition of 25 percent tariffs on steel and 10 percent on aluminum.

Trump has said that NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico will be exempted, but the scope of the tariffs is not yet clear.




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