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This week in the Times: Argentina and the campaign to decriminalise abortion

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Friday 16 February, 2018
In this Saturday's Buenos Aires Times, we look at the campaign to legalise abortion.
In this Saturday's Buenos Aires Times, we look at the campaign to legalise abortion. Foto:CEDOC

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In this Saturday’s edition of the Buenos Aires Times, we focus in on Argentina and the campaign to decriminalise abortion.

On February 19, thousands of people will take to the streets to demand changes to Argentina’s abortion laws. In this week’s Times, Isabella Soto explores Argentina’s legal relationship with abortion in depth, speaking to doctors, experts and activists with the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe, and Free Abortion, who are preparing their emblematic emerald green bandanas for their upcoming pañuelazo on Monday.

We also feature the investigative work of journalists Emilia Delfino and Sandra Crucianelli, who revealed earlier in the week that Finance Minister Luis Caputo concealed his links Cayman Island offshore firms from the Argentine authorities.

This week Norwegian airlines’ first low-cost flight from the UK to Argentina landed at Ezeiza International Airport, opening a new chapter for the local aviation market. In our economy section, we’ll focus in on what this means for the market and how the sector has been reshaped by the arrival of the Mauricio Macri administration.

As usual, we’ll also round-up the most important stories of the week in Argentina, including the upcoming union protest led by Hugo Moyano, Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro’s challenge to President Mauricio Macri and ex-Supreme Court justice Eugenio Zaffaroni’s controversial comments about the government.

We’ll also focus our international coverage on the shocking events that took place in Florida on Wednesday, when a former student returned to his school with firearms in tow, killing 17 people and wounding many others. We’ll bring you the words of Sol Duarte, 14-year-old who attended the school and survived the attack, while AFP’s Sébastien Blanc looks at the never-ending, repeating political cycle that follows such national tragedies that involve gun violence.

In a bumper sports section, we bring you two big stories. 

First, Dan Edwards argues that loyal local football fans – particularly poor ones – are being left short-changed by the Argentine Football Association’s recent decision to raise ticket prices. 

Jacob Meschke, meanwhile, brings us a timely special report on the Argentines and South Americans heading to Major League Soccer, the United States’ premier football league. With Ezequiel Barco unveiled just yesterday as the league’s record signing, is US football falling in love with all things Argentine?

Finally, we’ll wrap things up with our roster of columnists. Returning this week is Robert Cox, who gives us his take on Donald Trump and the failure of Republicans to call out the US president. Michael Soltys tackles interest rates in his weekly Economic Questions column, while James Neilson talks Moyano and corruption. Agustino Fontevecchia will also feature, bringing us another of his unique takes on the week’s events.

All in all, it’s another packed edition of the Buenos Aires Times. Pick up your copy, this and every Saturday, inside the Perfil newspaper.

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