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Socialite Natacha Jaitt under fire over paedophilia accusations

Jaitt has accused several high-profile journalists and a politician of committing or facilitating paedofilia.

Thursday 5 April, 2018
Socialite Natacha Jaitt.
Socialite Natacha Jaitt. Foto:Screenshot

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The child sexual abuse scandal rattling Argentina’s sports community is also having an impact in media circles.

Socialite Natacha Jaitt claimed several high-profile journalists and politicians had committed or facilitated paedofilia during a Saturday-night broadcast of La noche de Mirtha, hosted by the beloved Argentine actriz Mirtha Legrand.

Jaitt’s accusations had her in court on Wednesday after one of the accused men, Carlos Pagni, lodged a legal complaint against her. Another two said they would also lodge complaints.

“We have to look after Natacha Jaitt because (former Intelligence chief Jaime) Stiuso could get rid of her like he did (former special prosecutor Alberto) Nisman after he was done with him”, Gustavo Vera, head of the La Alameda foundation and a close friend of Pope Francis, told Concepto radio.

Pagni lodged a legal complaint against Jaitt on Monday. Vera and Brian Lanzelotta, a former Big Brother contestant, said they will also lodge complaints against Jaitt as a result of her accusations against them.

“I did not speak about Carlos Pagni. I said only C.P., meaning Carlos Pérez. As such, I won’t respond about anything related to Carlos Pagni”, Jaitt told prosecutor Federico Delgado, according to media reports.

The accused men spent much of this week dedicating time on air and in print to defend themselves. Some accuse Jaitt, and even Legrand, of lending herself to an intelligence service operation aimed at defaming them.

Legrand “offered her show for an (intelligence) operation”, Pagni claimed on Monday during his Odisea programme.




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