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Justicialist Party leadership ousted, auditor appointed

Judge María Servini de Cubría has assigned culinary workers union boss Luis Barrionuevo as the party’s comptroller, removing José Luis Gioja from the presidency.

Tuesday 10 April, 2018
Culinary workers union leader Luis Barrionuevo.
Culinary workers union leader Luis Barrionuevo. Foto:File-Perfil

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A federal judge has ousted the leadership of the country's most powerful political party, the Justicialist Party (PJ), following a complaint alleging that the organisation is mismanaging its finances.

Federal Judge María Romilda Servini de Cubría’s intervention effectively removes former San Juan governor José Luis Gioja, who is currently a national congressman, from the PJ presidency.

Servini de Cubría has assigned culinary workers union boss Luis Barrionuevo as the comptroller of the PJ, which is the country's main Peronist party.

“He (Barrionuevo) must undertake a stock count of property belonging to the national branch of the Justicialist Party as well as inform (the court) about the economic-financial situation of the entity”, her ruling reads.

The decision comes after a complaint lodged by Oscar Diani, the leader of a Peronist splinter group.

Diani celebrated the decision Tuesday and warned other regional branches of the PJ to be on alert. “They, too, do not have their papers in order”, he told Noticias Argentinas. 

For his party, Gioja indicated that the decision was part of a conspiracy aimed at weakening the PJ.

“It’s bad news, it’s very striking. It has to do with the judicialisation of politics, which is in fashion at the moment”, he told La Red radio, speaking to Eduardo Feinmann.

“The party’s (financial) situation is totally normal”, Gioja insisted just one week after the PJ's most recent leadership meeting.

“I don’t know what the reasons are. I had no idea this was in the works”. 

The “court’s decision has no basis”, he added.




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